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Max Guard Force
The “Real” answer to ultimate outrigger protection!

Max Guard Force

Max Guard Force

This guard is constructed with a 4” high, 3/8” steel outer plate that wraps the front and sides of a standard 3” x 3” column with a 3 ½”x 6” footplate. The front v-nose accepts (1) ¾” x 7” anchor. The 3/8” steel continues down one side of the frame (left or right side), past the footplate, and fastens to a 4’ x 3” x 3/8” angle with a second ¾” x 7” anchor. The (2) ¾”x 7” wedge bolt anchors allow the Max Guard Force to defend against twist and provide more than 20,000 pounds of impact resistance. This guard is 13” long with all anchors protected from impact and out of the outrigger path.

       The “Max Guard Force”

• Real Heavy Duty Outrigger Protection!
• More than 20,000 pounds of front impact protection!
• Rugged 3/8” steel construction!
• (2) ¾”x 7” wedge bolt anchors, included.
• V-Nose deflector!
• Protects the front and both sides of a 3”x 3” column.
• No external fasteners to catch on outriggers.
• Defends against twisting.
• Custom sizes available.

The “Max Guard Force” column guard is our newest addition to the high strength Mac Rak engineered product line. We created the “Force” to be the highest impact deflecting column guard you can buy, period! There is no other guard being manufactured today that can compete. If you need lasting protection you need the “Max Guard Force”!


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