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MAX Guard Plus

Max Guard Plus
MAX Guard Bolted Installation 

  • The "MAX" Guard Plus is a REAL column guard that WORKS, not a wrap around flimsy boot, bolted angle or other gimmick.

  • This Guard is a combination of our incredible popular Max Guard and our Max Guard Shield. It incorporates the advantages of both guards into one. The 4" high 3/8" thick deflector with one internal 3/4" anchor is welded to your choice of 12", 18" or 24" standard height column shield that attaches to your frame post with one fastener. Your frame is protected from fork lift out riggers by the 4" high deflector and the frame post above the defector is shielded against minor pallet and product damage by the column shield.

  • The "MAX" Guard Plus column protector is the perfect solution to stopping lower frame damage caused by outriggers on straddle lift trucks

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