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End of Row Guard Column Protection

Formed End Guard
Formed End Guard

Round End Guard
Round End Guard

The Mac Rak Formed Row End Guards have a angle entry guard to increase aisle clearance up to 3 over traditional round end guards. The Mac Rak guard is 12 high made with plate steel welded to 4 x 6 x 3/8 angle. 48 row end guards have 5, 7/8 holes to accommodate 3 to 5, anchors for the finest end of row protection available. 

Row end guards are powder coat painted in standard safety yellow. Shipping weight is approximate 75 pounds per row end guard. Row end guards are available in left, right or double entry, in lengths to fit your specifications. Anchors are available but not included.

The Mac Rak formed End Guard is perfectly suited for narrow aisles. The guard wraps tightly around frame and protrudes a maximum of 3/4" post column. This guard can be notched out to allow additional clearances for over size foot plates or lower beam levels. 

Our traditional Round End Guard Protrudes past your frame post in average of 3". This guard is not suited for narrow aisle applications. This guard will accommodates lower beam levels with out notching.


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