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Company Profile

Mac Rak® Inc. 

We are a material handling company with over 28 years of experience. We are a growing company built on a reputation of high quality, honest work. Our dedicated work forces have always prided themselves on completing projects on time and on budget.


Our Smac Kit® rack repair product line is your solution to frame repair and reinforcement, with all products proudly made in the U.S.A. With Smac Kit®  we offer multiple repair and reinforcement options from bolted installations to welded installations. The choice is up to you based on your specific needs. 

Installations can be performed without complete unloading of the rack when our rack lifting jack is used, this greatly reduces the cost to the customer because personnel and equipment cost are minimized and the number of repair per day are maximized. On the average, the number of repairs that can be performed daily, compared to the total frame replacement, can exceed 3 to 1.


We are located in Crest Hill, Illinois. We are a suburb of Chicago located approximately 40 miles Southwest of downtown Chicago.

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