Engineered Pallet Rack Repair Kits

Our Commitment to Engineered Pallet Rack Repair and Protection Products

Since the inception of our company, Mac Rak’s culture and process has centered on attaining and conforming to engineered review and approval. For decades, Mac Rak has worked closely with independent P.E. experts in the field of warehouse pallet racking to ensure that Mac Rak met and surpassed performance criteria. Engineers scrutinize every detail such as column axial force, torsional buckling, column splice strength, brace continuity, covering every aspect of every product.

Every phase of Mac Rak’s offering, from our inspection criteria, to the design and construction of our repair and protection product, to our specific standard installation procedures all meet or exceed every engineering requirement in RMI/ANSI 16.1 related to pallet rack repair.

Mac Rak is pleased to offer a variety of engineering services listed below. Each of these provides critical support in your ongoing efforts to maintain the highest degree of operational safety in your warehouse. Trust and rest easy that teaming up with Mac Rak’s “best in class” engineering will protect your employees, your capital assets and your valuable inventory.

Engineer working on pallet rack repair kit

Mac Rak's commitment to engineering standards lead it to become a founding member of RMI the Rack Manufactures Institute.

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Engineering Levels of Documentation 

Level 1 – Formal Letter of attestation from Mac Rak

Mac Rak stands behind our specification conformance claims. When requested, we are happy to furnish a letter stating... “Provided that proper installation is performed by a qualified / certified  Mac Rak Installer, and that the pallet rack system is being operated in an acceptable manner per current standards and capacity ratings (as dictated from the original Rack Manufacturer’s Design), frames repaired with Mac Rak repair kits, have as much or more carrying capacity as their original undamaged frame specification”. 

Level 2 – Similar Project Approval

The second level of documentation is a copy of a previous structural P.E. stamp review and approval of a previous applicable Mac Rak project.  All original commercial identification information is removed from these documents. What is left are drawings, as similar in nature as possible to your application, stating that these repairs are as strong or stronger than the original undamaged frame. 

Level 3 – PE Stamped Documents

Should your due diligence require a bit more formality, for a nominal cost, Mac Rak offers an option to have your exact repair project reviewed by our supervisory structural P.E. The deliverable is a P.E. stamped drawing for each kit under review, attesting that the frames repaired with Mac Rak repair kits, have as much or more carrying capacity as their original undamaged frame specification given this constant application.

Your individual pallet rack repair project may be submitted for P.E. review and stamp approval.  Specific details regarding your pallet rack system configuration and composition for all areas under repair consideration will be submitted to Mac Rak.  This information along with all respective Mac Rak repair kit CAD drawings are submitted for this review and approval. Please contact Mac Rak corporate office for cost and program details.

Engineers Working on Pallet Rack Repair Parts

We have several options for Engineering Documentation.

Testing Data from Mac Rak Products

Beam Fastener Testing Data
Packer Engineering Group (PEG)

Two separate types of proprietary fasteners were tested for use in securing either roll form or structural pallet racking beams to Mac Rak Elite series repair kits. (Elite Vertical, Elite Cantilever, Elite Slope Leg)

The following four types of tests were conducted to determine key mechanical properties of these fasteners with interaction with Mac Rak Elite repair kits

1. Pull out test.
2. Drive in torque test (run only on the self-drilling Tek Screw style bolts).
3. Torque failure test.
4. Shear test.

Test conclusion: these two separate types of proprietary fasteners are stronger than original OEM fasteners.

Please contact Mac Rak office for additional information

Mac Rak Carrying Capacity Statement

Rack Capacity Certification
Statement of Mac Rak’s Engineered Repair Kit Carrying Capacity.

For the past nineteen years, Mac Rak Inc. has invested in and is driven by extensive structural P.E. testing data for each and every one of our repair components, including all associated connection components.

From the results of numerous rigorous tests by various top structural P.E. firms (Seizmic Inc is our main structural P.E. testing partner), Mac Rak stands behind the following claim:

Mac Rak fully complies with ANSI MH 16.1 which means our repair components are as strong as the original undamaged component.

This claim is valid provided the component has been installed in conformance with all Mac Rak installation procedures and performed by a trained and certified Mac Rak installer. This claim pertains to both seismic and non-seismic zones.
Mac Rak does not provide load carrying capacity ratings for our engineered repair kits. Our claim is simply: The load capacity of our properly installed engineered repair kits is exactly the same as the original undamaged pallet rack frame. This is in full compliance with ANSI MH 16.1.

Pre- and post-repair carrying capacity load ratings can be attained through independent, qualified engineering companies familiar with the design and construction of storage rack systems. (Upon request, Mac Rak will provide referrals of qualified engineering companies). The racking system’s original manufacturer is also a source for carrying capacity information.

As a service, Mac Rak has the capacity to supply project specific, independent P. E. stamped documentation which will confirm that our repair kit(s) provide for “as strong as original condition”. Requests for this professional documentation must be done prior to quoting. Please Note: There is a fee associated for each specific kit’s evaluation. Customer supplied detailed system information is required for this evaluation.

Mac Rak’s "Made in America," engineered repair kits do not transform an out of compliance frame or system into capacity or specification compliance. We maintain the original designed capacity only.