Mac Rak FAQ Page

Q: How do I determine which rack components require repair or replacement?

A: The industry’s first and best reference document to use for assessing damaged rack components is Mac Rak’s very own: DAMAGED RACK INSPECTION GUIDE. (Copies available upon request or download at A more thorough professional review can be conducted by Mac Rak or one of our many nationwide Mac Rak dealers.

Q: Why repair instead of replacing damaged rack components?

A: The vast majority of the time, pallet rack repair performed by a certified crew using a hydraulic lift jack offers a more efficient, more economical, more permanent and less disruptive solution. Rack repair provides future impact resistance. While, replacement frames don’t increase the strength or protective qualities of the original rack, and are often weaker due to reusing damaged anchor points in the concrete.

Q: What types of racks and what type of pallet rack systems can Mac Rak repair?

A: Mac Rak produces the deepest product line of engineered pallet rack repair and protection components for all pallet racking on any type of pallet rack system. Mac Rak also offers nationwide turnkey installation and project management service in partnership with our dealers.

Q: What is the current state of regulations regarding pallet rack repair?

A: Pallet rack repair has been, and continues to be, supported by the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI) as well as OSHA. Mac Rak is a proud Associate member of RMI and our products and services surpass requirements specified by both governing bodies. Our offering is continually reviewed and approved by supervisory engineers. Formal Stamped Engineering approval is available on Mac Rak repair projects even in the most demanding geography.

Q: What are the qualifications of Mac Rak’s rack repair installers?

A: Installers are vetted by an aggressive review and formal training process which includes documented classroom as well as on the job field training. Most of Mac Rak rack repair crews have over twenty years of experience.

Q: Do repairs come with a warranty?

A: Mac Rak has the best warranty in the industry which covers a lifetime of quality of workmanship as well as an industry-leading limited lifetime impact warranty on our Elite, Advantage and Bulldog series repair kits.

Q: Why are the anchors so large and located behind the repair column on Mac Rak kits?

A: Mac Rak sells the highest impact resistance. The heavy-duty anchors give us increased sheer, pullout and twist resistance capability. Anchors are protected from forklift truck tires and outriggers which cause damage to the anchors as well as the trucks.

Q: Can Mac Rak support a multi-site repair program?

A: Yes, Mac Rak has many current successful programs with companies located in multiple regions in the U.S. and Canada.

Q: How do I locate my local Mac Rak dealer?

A: Call Mac Rak at 815-723-7400 and we will direct you to the nearest dealer.

Q: What is the biggest difference from your competitors?

A: Full company dedication, experience, innovation, full product design, and manufacturing. American made and owned.

Q: What about the fire and sparks from welding?

A: Mac Rak kits are fully bolted and provide a spark-free installation. Hot work permits and a fire watch are a thing of the past on all bolted installations (welded kits available upon special customer requests).