Aug 27, 2020

How To Select the Right Pallet Rack Repair Kits

Mac Rak Repair Expert

What every warehouse manager should know about pallet rack repair prior to making a decision.

Become an Expert in Pallet Rack Repair Kits

Pallet rack systems hold thousands of tons of materials suspended high above your workforce. It is your job to keep those tons of materials moving safely and efficiently. There are literally lives and livelihoods at stake. Repairing damage is your responsibility. Repairing your pallet rack system can literally save lives and jobs, this could be your highest responsibility. This article is designed for those who manage warehouses and take this responsibility seriously. This article will help you make those important decisions about pallet rack repair from the perspective of one of the industry’s oldest and most experienced pallet rack repair companies, Mac Rak. Many rack vendors will sell you products that are down right dangerous. They might look robust, but are they? The steel could be weak, the engineering lacking, the inspection or installation done poorly. There are many invisible factors that you might not be aware of in selecting a pallet rack repair kit and firm. This article will first guide you through what you need to know about pallet rack repair kit products themselves and then look into the manufacturing, inspection, and installation processes as well. Our goal is to help you become an expert in pallet rack repair management.

Pallet Rack Repair Focus on Frames

Pallet Rack systems are installed originally with 100% OEM parts which consist of four main structural parts: the upright frames, the beams, struts and the anchor systems. There are other smaller parts but this article is going to focus on the main structural pieces that get damaged, and even at that we will be focusing primarily on the upright frames as these hold most of the weight and stress in the system over all. Additionally, beams are easily replaced with the OEM parts, and they are not typically repaired, but replaced. Let’s first look at why the column is the critical component to a racking system, and how columns in the foundation row section are even more mission critical.

Tons of product is kept in place by the diligence of the maintenance team to repair any damage.

The Foundational Row Section.

The foundation row is the lower 5’-0” section of the upright frame in the racking system. The foundation row section has the highest load bearing and stress bearing of all of the components in your system. It is also the most likely to be subject to severe damage. The damage is due mostly from lift vehicles’ impact that have a high mass and travel on the ground at the level of the foundational row section. The foundation row is the most common point where the full mass and velocity of vehicle impact can take place, the upper levels receive damage of less mass and velocity. Impacts of mass at velocity on the upright columns can cause steel deformation, steel and component breakage, or anchor displacement of location or all of the above. The damage to multiple columns accumulates into overall system stress until the system reaches a tipping point. The tipping point is that one final impact or stress that pushes your racking system into catastrophic failure. This type of failure leads to loss of life, product, trust, finance, and complete supply chain interruption. Many lose their jobs over these types of failures. A top goal of the repair is to keep the foundation row section damage free by routinely inspecting, protecting and repairing it. While identifying and repairing damage in all sections is important, particular attention to strengthening the foundation row for impact is imperative as this is where most damage is done.

Protecting the foundation row section with repairs and upgrades is mission critical.

Engineering is the DNA of Pallet Rack Repair

Not all Engineers are the Same

First of all, not all engineers are familiar with the unique design stresses of pallet rack systems. The engineering of a part must be done by a firm experienced in the design and use of pallet racking systems. All of Mac Rak’s repair kits and connections have received engineering approval by Seizmic Incorporated. They are the leading engineering firm in the pallet rack engineering industry.

Seizmic, Inc. was formed by Sal E. Fateen in 1985. They specialize in providing solutions for the material handling industry.

Pallet Rack Repairs Need to be Engineered for Impact

Engineering design is the DNA of a pallet rack repair kit. ANSI/RMI standards require each part to be equivalent in strength to the OEM part, but ideally it should be stronger than the original. Only proper engineering can ensure a part is compliant with standards. Additionally, most pallet rack frames are not engineered to resist impact damage, which frequently takes place on the foundation row. Frequently, the OEM upright frame parts used in the higher levels of the frame are the same as those used at the bottom where most impact occurs. No additional engineering consideration is typically given to impact damage resistance. A repair part has the opportunity to be more robustly engineered specifically to resist impact. This can be done with built in protection reinforcements or internal reinforcements, and more robust steel specifications. Mac Rak engineers products for high impact environments adding additional upgrade value to your repair. Your repair will not only meet or exceed the needs to hold the frame weight, but can be made resistant to impact from vehicles.

The original parts generally were designed for vertical forces and not designed for impact forces.

Custom Engineering v. Modular Designs

It is best practice if the pallet rack repair kits are designed and customized to your specific racking specifications. Each rack system has many unique vectors of stress that need to be considered. In addition, each racking system has its unique design details that either need to be replaced by the OEM part or by a part that resembles the original designs like vertical, slant, or cantilever designs. Many companies have modular products that are adapted to your specifications with screws and expansion parts rather than solid welded frames engineered specifically to your specifications. The modular designs often have what engineers call open panels, that is sections lacking a diagonal cross strut. The modular approach is not as strong of an option and should be avoided. Look for a company with a wide variety of engineered pallet rack parts so they can specifically address your engineering specifications. Mac Rak has the most extensive selection of engineered pallet rack parts of any manufacturer. We can custom design engineered solutions, and provide the specific engineering documentation needed to satisfy your local codes and requirements. Our goal at Mac Rak is to make sure that the product we recommend exceeds the specifications needed for the repair.

This is an example of a Mac Rak Elite Single Leg Repair kit. Notice that it doesn not have an open frame as many modular designs do.

The Risk of Non-Engineered Parts

Products without the engineering to back them up, can look like a repair, but can be inferior in so many ways: the steel, the coatings, the anchors, the structural design. You would never know that you were getting an inferior product, because so many of these factors are not visible. Non-engineered products can lead to and cause catastrophic structural failure of the repaired component. Let’s consider the details of proper engineering of a pallet rack repair product below.


Not All Steel is Created Equal

It is easy for repair part makers to skimp on steel. People don’t realize that all steel is not created equal. You may have experienced this when you buy cheap tools and the steel just breaks, snaps or bends. Or have you ever wondered why some cars last much longer than others, often it is due to the quality of the steel that is specified in the original parts. Imagine if inferior steel is holding up your racks. Inferior steel can be brittle and snap. It can be inconsistent and have impurities that weaken points or have other qualities which are not sufficient to withstand the stresses of your system. Be sure you know what you are buying. The quality of the steel is a critical part of your decision in purchasing a pallet rack repair product. Here is what you need to look for when buying your next pallet rack repair part.

Foreign steel drives down the price, but it comes with the sacrifice of strength and steel integrity. Some discount tools break easily for example, because they are made of foreign steel of inferior quality.

Foreign Steel

The first place where pallet rack manufacturers skimp is by buying foreign steel. Foreign steel, often from China, is not sent through quality testing prior to sale. Chinese steel often has other elements in their steel like Boron as was found to happen in 2015. This can make the steel brittle, susceptible to stress damage, and not take welding as it should. Such institutions as American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) and ASTM provide chemical composition and strength standards for grades of steel. This makes our US steel supply safe, reliable and secure. Buying a rack repair or protection product with an unknown source of steel is risky. Any product not made in the USA should be suspect. Mac Rak only uses high quality steel that is manufactured in the USA or Canada and meets the Standards of ASTM and AISI. The corner cutting by Chinese manufacturing has led to the collapse of eight bridges in China since 2011, killing many. When your business and the safety of your team of employees depends on these products holding tons of material, what you can’t see might kill you. The right grade of steel is essential, and its quality must be assured.

Bridges collapse in China due to defective steel.

Steel Grade

Even in the United states, where steel is strictly controlled you still need to understand that there are different grades of steel. Each grade of steel has its own unique chemical composition and properties. Even if you buy a part with steel that has met the quality standards of steel from a US steel plant, it might not be the right grade of steel. Look for steel that is AISI 1006 carbon steel with a minimum tensile strength yield of 41,300 psi. If your vendor doesn’t know what grade of steel is used and where the steel was sourced, look for a different manufacturer that has clear steel specifications.

Steel Forming Process: Roll Form or Structural Steel

Beyond the country of origin and grade of steel there are issues with how the steel is formed. There are two types of forming processes that are used to shape the steel used in pallet rack parts. Knowing which process roll form steel or structural steel is best for your application is important. Let’s focus on which type of steel is right for your application.

Roll Form Steel Rack

This is the most popular form of steel rack used in most systems. It is less expensive, and generally lighter and easier to work with. It is formed after the steel has been cooled and is subsequently sent through rollers that extrude, and shape the steel into its final form. The cold rolling gives the final form a more precise shape. However, roll form rack has a lower tolerance for impact damage and has an overall lower weight bearing capacity than structural steel rack. Roll form is typically the form of steel most often used in racking systems due to its cost and tight shape tolerances. Depending on the design and weight needs of your racking system roll form might be the best choice. If you need to have the flexibility of the identical punching system and the flexibility to change the beam profile, then roll form might be the best choice. On the other hand, you would be sacrificing some impact damage resistance and overall weight bearing capacity. It is important to weigh the options to see if roll form steel is the best option for your repair part.

Mac Rak roll form repair parts can be enhanced with structural steel protectors in the lower zones or even internal roll form or structural reinforcements to increase the strength of your upright columns that are subject to constant impacts. This gives you the best of both types of steel.

Structural steel is the most impact resistant form of steel for repair kits.

Structural Steel Rack

Structural steel is formed in the hot rolling process. This involves forming the steel by rolling it into its final form at temperatures over 1700° F. This has the benefit of giving strength and resilience to the steel, with the sacrifice of some shape precision due to the cooling. This strength and impact resilience makes structural steel a great choice for pallet rack uprights and repair parts serving in harsh conditions like refrigerated warehouses, exterior racks in the elements, food storage, and in locations prone to forklift impact on the foundation row. There are many rack systems that use structural steel as the primary form of upright but they are in the minority. Often structural steel is an upgrade, as it adds higher impact resistance, and increased strength to support your product load. Most OEM racks use the same rolled form part for the top of the racking system as they do for the foundation row section. We highly recommend upgrading to structural steel pallet rack repair kits over roll form when possible as structural steel repair kits have so many added benefits.

The only downside to structural steel is the access to the punch holes on the front of the repair part. If this is a problem, Mac Rak has engineered, approved methods of attaching beams to structural steel uprights, or we can custom punch holes where needed. Once again allowing you to take advantage of structural steel strength and maintaining the flexibility to move your beams. However, often times this isn’t even an issue as the damage usually occurs below the first beam level leaving the original punch holes accessible after the repair.

Protectors and Reinforcements

Mac Rak has options for additional integrated pallet rack impact protectors in the lowest zones as an option on most of our upright column repair kits. These protectors are made of structural steel as well so you will have two layers of structural steel protection where you need it most. These protectors come in v-nose or non-protruding options. These structural steel protectors can be added to roll form or our structural steel uprights to give you even more options.

Mac Rak offers internal reinforcers (shown in cut away image, left) protruding v-nose (center) and non-protruding protectors (right).

Choose the Best for Your Situation

Whatever the need or optimal configuration of your racking system, Mac Rak has you covered with an extensive line of rack repair and protection products that are exactly what you need to make your system function better than ever.

Anchor Points

A Mission Critical Point of Rack Repair Kits

Anchor points are often overlooked as a minor detail in pallet rack repair. However, they are a critical element that keeps the whole racking tower from toppling. Anchor points do two things. First, they keep all the frame pieces locked into their optimally stable location. Second, they are what transfer impact force to the ground. A poorly anchored upright might have great vertical strength, but remains vulnerable to impact that can push it out of its optimal location and vertical orientation. The problem is when you increase the strength of the upright you need to increase the strength of the anchoring. On impact, with strengthened uprights, more force is transferred to the anchors and the anchors could break if they have not been upgraded as well. Having too few anchors or weak anchors will cause an impact to shift the entire column in dangerous ways. There are several key points to consider when evaluating anchor points: undamaged holes, anchor depth, anchor hardware quality, anchor plate strength, and number of anchors.

Existing Anchor Hole Damage

Existing anchor hole damage is one of the big issues in rack repair. When the concrete hole of the original anchor points has been damaged, anchors cannot be placed back into those same holes. Reinstalling the OEM part, with the same anchor attachment points, into the same anchor holes is either impossible or significantly compromised due to the previous damage. It is important to look for a repair part where the foot plates reposition the anchors so that new holes can be drilled.

Multiple anchor points are critical. Look for the foot plates to provide several additional anchor points. Ideally they should have more than are typical on the OEM part to upgrade your impact resistance.

Damage to the concrete anchor holes can be a major problem that requires a unique anchor foot plate.

Thicker Steel Foot Plates Increase Impact Resistance

Thicker steel used in the anchor plate is important as well. Thicker steel foot plates increase anchors’ shear resistance rates. Higher anchor shear resistance rates directly translate to higher kit impact resistance. Also, be sure to get a foot plate that conforms with the potential seismic engineering standards in your area, which typically requires an even larger more robust footplate. Most generic parts will not properly address all of the needs addressed above.

This Mac Rak Foot plate addresses all of your needs when repairing a rack upright: more holes, new hole location, thicker footplate steel.

Upgrade the Anchor Bolts

Mac Rak uses 3/4” X 7” anchor bolts on all of our repair products except our frontline repair kits. ¾” by 7” anchors have a usable tension resistance of approximately 10,200 pounds per anchor, depending on the PSI of the concrete into which the anchor is installed. 7” anchors have twice the tension resistance of 5” anchors because the anchors are pulling from the middle to the bottom of the concrete slab and not the middle to the top of the slab.

Compare the 7” anchor to the 4.5” anchor, and you see the advantage of the larger anchor bolt.

Mac Rak Repair Kits Upgrade Your Anchor Points

Mac Rak pallet rack repair parts provide more anchor points than any other pallet repair on the market today. We have holes for at least four anchoring points on the front leg and two anchor points on the back leg, that is a possibility for 6 total anchor points on a typical Mac Rak Elite repair kit. For a typical installation just two holes are used in the front and one in the rear. All Mac Rak repair kits (except frontline repair kits that use ¼” thick footplates) come standard with 3/8” thick footplates and multiple robust anchors to ensure that your new anchor points are sold, and that they exceed required engineering. Displacement on impact resistance is enhanced by a solid foundation of anchors provided by robust anchor footplates and anchor bolts from Mac Rak.

Connection Points

Disassemble and Repair or Jack and Repair

Connection points between the engineered repair kit and the undamaged rack section is a critical consideration. OEM parts have many additional connection points requiring the unloading and reassembling of large portions of your racking system to make the repair. This takes time and uses up critical warehouse space. This one issue alone is what makes many decide to use Mac Rak parts to repair upright damage.

Bolted on Connection points.

Third party pallet rack repair kits, like those from Mac Rak, make the connection above the damage point. The damaged rack can be jacked up and the damaged section removed and replaced. This must be done by a qualified technician using a specially engineered rack lifting jack for the process. Mac Rack pallet rack repair parts have fully bolted connection points that can be designed to any height to address the damaged portion of your pallet rack system. Additionally, it is important to look for bolted connection joints instead of welded joints, so that a hot permit for welding is not needed. This allows for a safer, more expeditious replacement. Limited unloading of the rack section, no disassembling the rack section, no moving of pallets from their locations.

The Mac Rak pallet rack jack is engineered to lift and hold a rack during the repair process.

Beam Connection Points

There are some large repair kit manufacturers that choose to cut the end plates off of beams and attach them to the repair kit using ancillary devices such as hooks or angles that are bolted or screwed to the side of the repair kit. This is a very dangerous practice that compromises the structural integrity of the entire rack system. Beam plates are not created equal. There are several different weld patterns for the same end plate or larger end plates that are required for load and seismic compliance. When the endplate is cut off, it negatively affects all seismic engineering and compliance of the system. Mac Rak always uses the original beam plates with engineered approved fasteners to connect to the new repair part.

Mac Rak has complete manufacturing capabilities to customize your part to your specifications.

Adjustable Pallet Rack Repair Parts v. Custom Factory Replacement Frames

Many vendors offer adjustable pallet rack repair parts to make up for their lack of part inventory. Adjustable components may not be as strong as factory welded solid parts. Adjustable kits are held together by bolts on sliding joints. The adjustable components often are compromised in their lateral sway strength which is a significant disadvantage compared to custom sized repair parts. Adjustable kits are not able to adjust to specific heights. Adjustable parts are often manufactured and sold by the vendor to minimize the amount of custom high-strength solutions they choose to manufacture and market. Some manufacturers source their products from China or other foreign locations and don’t have the local manufacturing capability or expertise to deliver any other type of product. Rack repair is not a one size fits all solution. Mac Rak’s huge variety of customizable pallet rack repair kits means we don’t need adjustable parts to fill the gaps with a compromised product. We manufacture all of our own parts in our own plant so we don’t need to rely on adjustable kits that often come from less experienced suppliers who cannot customize the exact part for your needs. Mac Rak owns its own manufacturing process end to end. Customization of parts, to the exact engineered part for your specific application is effortless, and can be turned around quickly. Custom parts can be made relative to the points of damage and meet the specific needs to accommodate beam attachments and struts. These customizations typically involve changes in dimensions and not in overall design. Our base designs are the foundational starting point, which expedite the process. Engineering certification also can be customized to your needs based on regional building codes. The best parts are those that are made to address each specific design purpose and are not adjustable to be a jack of all trades and the master of none.

Largest Product Offerings

There are many different types of rack and repair needs, that can only be properly addressed by a vendor with a large inventory of product types. A single source partner that can deliver all of your pallet rack repair and protection solutions saves you time and inconvenience. That way you will get the exact product you need rather than something that isn’t quite right for your particular rack design and budget. The Mac Rak product line has more models to choose from than any other manufacturer. We have more configurations including vertical, cantilever and slant options. We have single and double leg options. We have roll form and structural steel options. We have almost every current American OEM manufactures’ punch style and every color available to precisely match our product to your needs. We have the most extensive line of steel protection products as well. This allows us to service all types of racks and all OEM types. Mac Rak’s product line has all of your pallet rack repair kits for every solution and for every racking system all made in the heartland of America.

Mac Rak has more pallet rack repair products than any other manufacturer in North America.

Finishes can Keep Your Rack Safe

Simple paint is an inferior finish that is easily damaged and prone to damage from rust. Look for pallet rack repair kits that have a powder coat or galvanized finish. These finishes provide the longest lasting rust prevention. Rust can dissolve a steel part in just a few short years, and cause structural integrity issues. In fact, in industrial applications, the rust destruction rate is about 40-160 millimoles per year. In a few years the strength could be compromised depending on the atmospheric conditions. Powder coating and galvanizing are the best possible finishes to protect your parts. Powder coating forms a thick enamel shell that is bonded with the steel. Galvanizing forms a chemical bond with the steel as it is applied at high temperatures, protecting the steel at a molecular level. Mac Rak offers galvanized finishes or powder coating. We offer a wide range of powder coat colors identical to the rest of the warehouse or in a safety color to draw attention to it. Mac Rak gives your pallet rack parts the protection from rust you demand.

Lifetime Impact Warranty

Make sure the part is backed by a warranty, particularly a lifetime impact warranty. Read the warranty to make sure that it is an impact warranty. Some only warranty products for manufacturing defects. An impact warranty shows that the part was engineered not just for supporting the weight of your inventory, but engineered to resist impact and displacement. Mac Rak offers a limited lifetime impact warranty (on most repair products) that of course covers manufacturing defects as well. We stand by the integrity of our work from the moment it is installed, and for the lifetime of the product. Few manufacturers will do that. We offer the best warranty in the business because of our confidence that our products do what we claim they do. Mac Rak also includes installation for warranty deed parts. Compare that to our competition. Please see our website for full warranty details and qualifications.

Choosing Rack Repair Kits for Different Rack Types

Drive-In Racking System

Drive-in Pallet Racking Systems have narrow entry points for each row. They are prone to damage as the narrow aisle gives little room for error for forklift drivers. Drive-in racks often require Cantilever or Slant leg designs. Mac Rak’s Double Leg Elite and Advantage pallet rack repair kits are an excellent choice for drive-in rack systems. These two pallet rack repair kits give more room to maneuver entering the aisles of the drive-in rack system.

Pallet Flow Racking System

Pallet Flow Racking Systems have pallet input and output points that have a great potential for damage. Pallet Flow Racks require vertical repairs that will either reinforce the impact zones or replace the front face with the identical OEM punch holes. Mac Rak has several pallet rack repair kits that are engineered for the pallet flow rack system type. Vertical single leg kits made of structural steel provide added strength and impact protection.

Selective Racking System

Selective Pallet Rack Systems only have front entry points and multiple potential impact points. The foundation row section is exposed to more impact incidents than other portions of the Selective Rack System. Beyond the foundation row, impacts can happen at all vertical levels of these systems. Mac Rak has structural vertical leg repair kits that are excellent choices for this type of rack. We also have roll form repair kits that have the original OEM punching style depending on your needs. We also have a repair kit for the first 8” of the front frame column, a zone that is often damaged by reach truck outriggers.

VNA Racking System

VNA Rack systems typically use manned wire guided order pickers. VNA systems often see more damage due to the tight space tolerance. Order pickers occasionally come off-wire and cause severe down-aisle impacts to the upright frames. Often operators may turn the guidance off and drive the order pickers through the aisles manually with the potential of greater damage. Upright frames typically have minimal or no impact protection to conserve space. Mac Rak has vertical leg repair kits that increase impact resistance and strength of your frames. We also have two options for vertical column repair that preserve the OEM punch styles if needed. Mac Rak has minimal non-protruding impact protection options as well as internally reinforced punched post kits with no exterior deflector to protrude into the already narrow aisle.

Push Back Racking Systems

Push back racks have fewer potential impact points due to all loading and unloading of pallets is performed at the front face of the rack only. The front is highly trafficked and is an ideal place to upgrade to more impact resistance and strength. Vertical designs meet the original engineering and are recommended. Mac Rak offers vertical leg repair kits that increase impact resistance and strength. We also have two options for vertical column repair that preserve the OEM punch styles if needed. There are minimal non-protruding impact protection options as well.

The Team Behind The Product

The people behind the product are as mission critical as the new part itself. The 7 critical elements to look for in a Pallet Rack Repair Company are:

  1. Experience
  2. Integrity
  3. Availability
  4. Turnkey Solutions
  5. Surveys Experience
  6. Manufacturing Supply Chain Control
  7. Installation and Service

1. Experience

Experience and knowledge of the pallet rack repair determines the quality of your outcomes. Mac Rak is one of the oldest, most experienced firms in the US today. It was founded in 2001. We have years of experience in engineering, installing and servicing pallet rack warehouse clients. The owners of the company, Shawn and Pam MacDonald are the founders of the company. They have a combined experience in this industry of more than 65 years. When you do business with Mac Rak, you are doing business with the leaders and innovators of the engineered rack repair and protective guarding industry.

Mac Rak is proud to be of service to you. Shawn & Pam MacDonald and our amazing team of the best dedicated employees any company could be blessed to have, are proud to serve our amazing customers and distributors!

2. Integrity, Warranty and Honor

Integrity determines if they will give you a warranty and back it up, not just because they have to but because their honor demands it. Mac Rak stands by all of our products with lifetime limited warranties and midwestern honor and pride. Integrity means when we make a promise to you about a product or outcomes, we keep our promises.

3. Availability Across North America 365 Days a Year

You might find a group with a limited product line, but can they or will they service all of your needs? Will they be off on other jobs and never fulfill your order? Do they have the product line and manufacturing behind them or are they pulling products from overseas or outsourced vendors? Mac Rak is the supply chain partner that will be with you coast-to-coast, and 365 days a year when you need them. We have our own manufacturing plant with domestic suppliers to meet your capacity when you need it. We have installers and distributors across the United States and Canada. We even have Quick Ship options if you have an emergency repair that needs to happen ASAP. We have you covered.

Mac Rak’s manufacturing plant is based near the population center of the USA and can typically reach any point with a product in less than a day. We have installation teams located all across the USA.

4. Turnkey Service for Pallet Rack Repair

When it comes to pallet rack repair and protection, a warehouse manager needs a partner who can manage all aspects of the process. That way the manager doesn’t need to deal with 3-5 vendors and contractors to get the job done. Mac Rak will handle surveys, project management, part design, part manufacturing and customizations, expert installations, and follow up. This reduces hidden costs, creates efficiencies, and increases turn around speed on projects.

5. The Warehouse Damage/Repair Survey

Inspection and survey of your current damage is an essential first step and is the most critical step of a successful rack repair project. You need an expert eye who knows how to spot all the current issues as well as potential future concerns. Mac Rak’s trained experts know how to spot damage, and rate the severity of the damage. More than that, we can spot potential points of weakness that are not damaged but should be addressed and reinforced. We have the most extensive product line-up to match the perfect repair part to your needs. After a thorough survey of your warehouse, our expert team will give you a repair plan that has two parts. First, a complete list of damages itemized by location and severity. Second, a complete proposal for parts and installation with cost detail. Mac Rak is your go-to team on your side to help you keep your warehouse inspected and your repair plan up-to-date.

6. Pallet Rack Kit Manufacturing

Mac Rak owns the pallet rack repair part manufacturing process end to end. We don’t depend on others in the manufacturing supply chain. The only inputs to our process are the raw steel, paint, and small fastening hardware. Supply chain security has become mission critical in the past year as we have seen overseas supply chains fail. Made in America means something now more than ever. It also keeps your part availability wait time short. Many times, parts need to be customized to your application. With our own manufacturing ability, we control the quality, timing and change order process completely. Others are dependent on upstream or foreign suppliers. Suppliers that don’t build with the same pride and are focused on many other orders than yours. They also are not invested in the quality or timeliness of the outcomes. Mac Rak’s pallet rack repair manufacturing ability is second to none in the United States. Mac Rak is the innovative manufacturing power house you need in your corner.

Watch this video about our 100% Made in America Manufacturing at our plant.

7. Installation of Pallet Rack Repairs

We have trained certified technicians that are available to professionally install our complete product line. We have a team near your plant that can fulfill your needs. They will make sure everything is installed to the proper engineering specifications. It is essential that the installation process be done by trained technicians. They are handling critical weights and stresses while removing damage and installing the new pallet rack repair kit. Our teams are highly trained and highly experienced. They will complete the project in a safe, precise, and timely fashion.

Stay ahead of the Pallet Rack Repair Industry

Mac Rak is an innovator and pioneer of many of the engineered repair kit designs that have always made and continue to make Mac Rak the industry leader that is always raising the bar! From our patented Elite series of high impact deflecting repair kits to our Frontline, Advantage and our unique and amazing Bull Dog engineered repair kit options. Our numerous bolted connection designs, to our multiple deflector options, to the industry’s most unique and innovative protective column guarding solutions, Mac Rak’s designs have continued to be the standard of excellence in the aftermarket engineered rack repair and protective guarding solution industry that have always been proudly Made in the USA.


This article has given you the necessary information to make educated decisions about your pallet rack repairs. As we have discussed above, not all parts are created equal and many of the issues that differentiate a great part from a bad one are not things that are visible to the naked eye. There are supply chain issues, steel issues, anchor issues, and engineering issues to consider. It also underscores the need to have a partner like Mac Rak and our extensive dealer network of experts to guide you through this complex process. Mac Rak will be with you through it all. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions, we are here for our clients to help them keep their warehouses safe and productive.

Contact us if you have any additional Questions we could answer for you.