Jun 24, 2020

The Foundation Row, One Key to Pallet Rack Safety

Foundation Row of Pallet Rack

CAUTION: Your Pallet Racking system can have an invisible tipping point! Your safety and security depend largely on the condition of your “foundation row section.” This is the lowest portion of your frame which carries the largest amount of your pallet rack weight. This area is subject to tremendous tension and compression forces in an array of directions. Unfortunately, the majority of rack damage occurs here. Accumulated damage in this zone quickly transforms your racking system from having a firm foundation into a ticking time bomb. Pallet racking systems are engineered specifically for your individual criteria. Each dent, every damaged anchor, all broken or missing struts, as well as any beam damage, synergistically degrades your racking system from its original engineering specification. What seems like minor dents and dings combine to bring the system closer and closer to a catastrophic failure caused by one final triggering event. One more collision, improper loading, dropped inventory or seismic activity can be all that is needed to begin a rack collapse.

Vigilance to protect, inspect and repair this foundation row is mission critical for every warehouse manager. Preventing that time bomb from becoming the failure that ends lives, causes injury, destroys inventory, or damages key assets is essential. You need the data, help, and the right products to keep your warehouse safe and your job secure. Mac Rak is your essential partner in keeping your Foundation Row safe and secure.

Mac Rak is your partner for security, safety and success. We have the largest selection of repair and protection products available. Mac Rak provides over 13 different repair products available in all major O.E.M. punch styles. P.E. structural engineering review and approval is available to address your most demanding concerns. Our network of inspectors and installers are nationwide and there when you need them. Please contact us today to learn more on how Mac Rak will keep your Foundation Row solid!