Column Checklist Info Details

(i) Reference Standard: Columns with rips, tears or deflection greater than ½" in either the down aisle or front to back direction must be repaired.
(!) Corner column damage is more critical than damage to the front and sides of columns. Rack damage to free standing single rows is more dangerous than the same damage on back to back rows with row spacers.

Anchor Plates Checklist Info Details

(i) Reference Standard: Each footplate of the upright frame (front and back) must be anchored to the floor with a minimum of one anchor per footplate or per manufacturer's requirements for that application.
Check for missing, loose or sheared anchors.
Front and back footplates which are torn, ripped or twisted past ½" require repair.

Struts and Horizontals Checklist Info Details

(i) Reference Standard: Missing horizontal or diagonal braces, or braces with any rips, tears or deflection in either plane beyond ½" must be repaired.

Any torn, broken or missing welds; the strut must be repaired

Beam Checklist Info Details

O.E.M. beam safety locks may be purchased and installed, or standard grade 5 bolts and nuts may be used if applicable. Be sure both the left and right sides are secure.

Be sure capacity plaques include beam elevations and design loads

(i) Reference Standard: Load beams must be secured to withstand 1,000 lbs. of uplift force.

Reference Standard: LENGTH OF BEAM/180 = ALLOWABLE DEFLECTION Example: 96" long beam/= .53" ALLOWABLE DEFLECTION When the beam is loaded with product and bends down more than the allowable deflection, the beam must be replaced.

Any beam with visible deformation or cracking of the beam end connectors must be unloaded and replaced. Be sure beams are fully engaged and installed with proper safety locks.

Do not change original configuration or weight load without engineering approval. Changes to the original configuration can cause overloaded frames. Plaques need to be changed whenever there are modifications to the rack configuration or load.

Each manufacture publishes frame capacity charts. Applicable information to your system should be propminently displayed on a plackard at the end of an aisle. 

Be sure capacity plaques include beam eleveations and design loads.

Frame Checklist Info Details

Reference Standard: Out-of-Plumb/Out-of-Straight Ratio – ½” in 10’-0” as measured by the maximum horizontal distance from the edge of the column at the top of the frame to a plumb line that extends downward to the floor (as illustrated).

Columns exceeding this limit should be offloaded and replumbed, repaired or replaced.