Dec 16, 2020

How many companies does it take to fix a damaged, unsafe pallet rack?

Pallet rack repair men

Are you tired of having to enlist multiple vendors to repair your pallet rack system? When you are searching for a company to help you with your rack repair, you want one that can help you with 100% of your engineered pallet rack repairs. This requires a company with a robust range of engineered repair kit types as well as its own manufacturing capabilities. There are a myriad of problems that might need to be fixed, inspected or protected in your warehouse. You might need a single leg repair, a cantilever leg, a repair with built-in impact resistance, a bottom 12” repair or any number of other configurations. You need a single supplier that can meet the whole gamut of repair potentials with an engineered solution. You don’t want a repair component that doesn’t optimally fit your exact needs for punch styles, weight bearing, impact resistance, clearance, and anchor points. You don’t want to compromise to get the job done poorly with a component that was not specifically engineered for your requirements. That means you need a selection of repair parts all engineered to meet the ANSI MH 16.1-2012 standards.

Manufacturing In House In the USA
In addition, you need a company that can customize repair part components for you, which means they need to have their own manufacturing capabilities. Many companies get their parts manufactured overseas, and this can cause a number of issues. First, it means they don’t customize parts due to the logistics of part delivery supply chain issues. Next, if they don’t have the inventory to support your needs you will be forced to wait for the next shipment which could be uncertain or non-existent. Finally, if the repair is beyond the specifications of their stock part you are out of luck. Any small amount out of their standard spec, and you are looking for another solution. You need a company with the widest selection of American made engineered pallet rack repair kits. You need a company that manufactures these parts near your plant, one that can produce, ship, and even install the repair while offering optional, complete turnkey service.

Mac Rak Is Your Solution
Having one solution, one company to call that meets all your needs would be ideal. It would reduce your workload. Mac Rak has the largest engineered rack repair and protection line in the United States. We manufacture 100% of the product line in our own plant in Missouri, in the center of the US, so we are logistically closer to all points. Mac Rak is a proud founding member of the RMI (Rack Manufacturers Institute) Rack Repair Industry Sub-Group. This guarantees you that our parts are engineered to the highest industry standards for safety. Step up to a new level of service and repair part quality, and innovation. Contact Mac Rak Inc today and find out how we can be the pallet rack repair supplier you have been looking for.

Please contact your local Mac Rak distributor or Mac Rak Inc directly.