Online Racking Damage Inspection Tool

General Damage Inspection Tool

This is an online tool designed for general damage inspection.
Click Bars to open and close the headers to run through a checklist for each module of your pallet racking system.

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You can use our Pallet Racking Inspection Template PDF to keep track of your observations. We have a technical tool for specifying repair parts on this page. 

Note: RMI damage inspection standards state that formal inspections should be done by a trained inspector. Mac Rak provides trained inspectors, contact us. Non-expert observations should only be preliminary.
Bend Deformities Side to Side: Report deflection measurement from standard

Bend Deformities Front to Back: Report deflection measurement from standard

Missing Parts: Row spacers, missing bolts, and loose bolts

Damage: Report any small dents, tears, cuts

Corrosion:: Report any corrosion and paint loss

Pro Tip: Check side and rear struts, unload if necessary to inspect. Use a lift to inspect higher points. Report all temporary repairs.

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