Warehouse Safety Training

On-Site Rack Safety Training

Knowledge is powerful. Knowledge comes from education. The more you educate your employees regarding the basics of pallet rack safety, the greater you reduce your risk of a costly damaged pallet rack system failure.  Tragically, these failures can range in severity from product and equipment damage, to higher insurance premiums, to expensive and timely clean ups, all the way to the ultimate cost, serious injury or death.


Mac Rak urges you to put the power where it matters the most, in the hands of your front-line team members.  They are your internal experts whose daily interaction with your pallet rack systems can provide management with the broadest, most comprehensive real time insights of your pallet rack system’s condition.   Team members are your eyes and ears with the most intimate knowledge of your systems' vulnerability.


Mac Rak’s pallet rack safety training is conveniently conducted at your facility and can be modified to fit your participants' needs and training objectives.  Single or multi day courses typically consist of a combination of “class room” course work and reinforced with real world examples in your facility. Course material is sent prior to training.  Based on your needs, subject matter may range from: the identification of damaged rack components, mechanisms for recording and reporting rack safety issues, to protective guarding solutions. This knowledge provides the backbone for building a culture of pride and ownership among team members.  Advanced training classes expand to provide “how to information” and the basic training for developing in-house emergency rack repair capabilities. Please contact Mac Rak’s corporate office for details regarding details on course cost and content.

Installation Training

Mac Rak encourages initial damaged pallet rack repair projects to be purchased turnkey using Mac Rak’s certified professional installers.  This approach affords a facility an opportunity to transition from “catch up mode” to “maintained mode”. Once achieved, Mac Rak will train either an internal team or local installation team of your choice on the basics of Mac Rak repair kit installation.  Upon successful completion of this on-site installation training, graduates qualify to lease Mac Rak’s hydraulic lifting devices for use with their future repair projects. Standard course content includes detailed review regarding essential equipment as well as hands-on installation training of various types of repair kits in various types of pallet rack repair systems.   Training is performed in the context of Mac Rak’s printed installation and equipment procedures which are given to each participant. Class size is limited to a maximum of five. Please contact Mac Rak’s corporate office for details regarding details on course cost and content.

Warehouse Safety Trainers

As an alternative to the ON SITE rack safety training, Mac Rak offers an abbreviated Webinar version. This alternative provides identical safety training as listed above. Webinar content may also be modified to fit your specific training needs and goals. Please contact Mac Rak’s corporate office for details regarding details on course cost and content.