MAX Guard Force Non-Protruding (NPD)

This steel pallet rack guard is designed for narrow aisle applications. Provides the ultimate outrigger impact protection you can buy, period! Using two wedge bolt anchor points, the MAX Guard Force provides more than 20,000 lbs. of impact resistance while defending against column twisting. The anchor fastens this guard to the floor rather than to the column. Thus transferring impact energy to the guard rather than the column. There is no other guard manufactured today that can compete.

If you need a lasting pallet rack post protector against outrigger impact damage in narrow aisles, then you need the MAX Guard Force Non-Protruding design. This guard is constructed with 4” high, 3/8” steel which wraps the front and sides of all standard columns and accommodates all footplate sizes. The face of the guard wraps tightly against the front of the column. (1/2″ maximum aisle protrusion.) The 3/8” steel continues down one side of the frame (left or right side), past the footplate, and fastens to a 4″ x 3” x 8″ X 3/8” angle where two 3/4” x 7” anchors provide ultimate impact protection. Protected anchors prevent damage to the straddle truck wheels as well as the guard itself.

POWDER COAT: This process offers durability with any long-lasting finish to any standard rack color option. View RAL code color choices online.



CATEGORY: Protection
STEEL GAUGE: Rugged 3/8” throughout
HEIGHT: Standard 4″
NUMBER OF ANCHORS: Two, 3/4″ X 7″ anchors located behind footplate
ANCHOR DIMS: 3/4” X 7″ for high impact resistance and minimal twisting
FOOTPLATE DIMS: Varies per application
COLOR: Powder coat painted to standard safety yellow

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