MAX Guard V-Nose

The MAX Guard V-Nose is a pallet rack guard that protects racks from outrigger damage. The standard 4″ high 3/8″ thick steel guard uses a 3/4″ internal anchor that ensures ultimate impact resistance. The anchor fastens this guard to the floor rather than to the column. Thus transferring impact energy to the guard rather than the column. Designed to prevent column twisting with single anchored footplates.

The 3/8″ thick footplate can be set flush or below the guard sufficiently to accommodate various footplate dimensions. Highly customizable, the MAX Guard column protector may be designed to accept various column widths and setbacks. It is not a flimsy wrap around boot, bolted angle or other gimmick. It is a heavy-duty steel column guard that will protect your pallet racks from costly future damage.

POWDER COAT: This process offers durability with any long-lasting finish to any standard rack color option. View RAL code color choices online.



CATEGORY: Protection
STEEL GAUGE: Rugged 3/8” throughout
STYLE: Single Anchor
HEIGHT: Standard 4″
NUMBER OF ANCHORS: 1 internal 3/4″ X 7″ anchor included
ANCHOR DIMS: 3/4” x 7” for high impact resistance and minimal twisting
COLOR: Powder coat painted to standard safety yellow
PUNCH: Universally compatible with all punch styles
FOAM PLUG: Optional foam plug eliminates the trash build-ups
WARRANTY DESCRIPTION: Mac Rak offers a Lifetime Warranty for all our products against defects in manufacturing or material workmanship.

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Mac Rak's Elite, Advantage and Bulldog upright repair kits include a lifetime impact warranty.

All Mac Rak products include a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing or workmanship defects.

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