End of Aisle Rack Guard Formed

Designed for narrow aisle applications, Mac Rak’s Formed “Heavy Duty” end of aisle rack protectors are the ultimate standard for end of a row and tunnel frame guarding. The face of the guard wraps tightly against the front of the column. (5/8″ maximum aisle protrusion.) Constructed with 12” tall, ½” thick formed ends to isolate the front frame post from impact damage as well as 6” x 4” X 3/8″ angle that protects the frame’s side and rear post. (Highly customizable.)

Guards are manufactured to the highest standards with full length inside and outside vertical welds attaching the thick formed end to the heavy duty angle. Angle is punched 12″ on center for 3/4″ X 7″ anchors. Row end guards are available in left side, right side or double side in all lengths over 24″. (Additional punched angle is available to extend to desired overall length.) Notching available on formed end and floor angle to accommodate custom applications.

POWDER COAT: This process offers durability with any long-lasting finish to any standard rack color option. View RAL code color choices online.



CATEGORY: Protection
SPECIFICATIONS: Standard guard accepts up to a 4″ wide frame footplate
STEEL GAUGE: ½” thick steel plate; 6”x 4” ⅜” angle
STYLE: Formed row end guards are available in left, right or double sided
PROTECTOR HEIGHT: 12” tall, ½” thick formed ends protect front frame post and 6” x 4” X 3/8″ angle that protects the frame’s side and rear post
ROW END GUARD: All lengths over 24” up to 60″ (Additional punched angle available to extend guard length)
NUMBER OF ANCHOR HOLES: Varies, spaced less than 12” on center
ANCHOR DIMS: ¾” x 7″ included (typically 3)
COLOR: Powder coat painted to standard safety yellow
CUSTOMIZABLE: Custom designed for your exact needs, notching and exact lengths to fit your specifications

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