Mac Rak Installation Process

Pallet Rack Repair Kit and Protection Kit Installation

Mac Rak’s entire organization is solely dedicated to one business and one business alone, providing the industry with exceptional world-class, American made, pallet rack repair and protection solutions. A big part of that dedication is our professional installation process.

Our Four Step Process is outlined below

Watch this video to get an overview of why you should chose Mac Rac for your next pallet rack repair kit installation or your next pallet rack guard installation.

The Warehouse Racking Inspection 


After choosing Mac Rak as your pallet rack repair and protection provider, the most significant period of any pallet rack repair project is certainly the assessment survey. It is important that the study is directed by a certified damage rack technician. Mac Rak gives our dealers master training and the most complete "toolbox" containing assets to guarantee results. Included among Mac Rak's staff are probably the most exceptionally prepared, experienced, proficient warehouse rack assessors in the business. Our staff are always available to give supplemental field backing to our dealers when needed. 

During all warehouse racking damage assessments, the noticeable damage to racking (as seen from floor level) is recorded to submit to you a racking repair and upgrade proposal. 

All our proposals have two components. The first is a point by point list which will recognize the specific location of all damaged rack parts by referencing their pallet slot location. The second contains a total cost sheet (material and work) in light of a list of materials produced from your particular assessment. Whenever the situation allows, photos of the damaged rack parts will be included for the survey report.

We provide inspection services to support the sales of our products, but more importantly, to help you maintain the safest warehouse operation possible. We are a turnkey pallet rack repair and protection provider, not a dedicated inspection company.  Therefore, out of town surveys typically require a very modest “below cost” charge.  These charges are countered with a generous rebate schedule, predicated on completion of a project resulting from your   survey.

Mac Rak Warehouse Racking Inspection Expert

Trained experts will survey your damage and suggest the appropriate repairs where needed. We do all of our work to RMI's highest engineering standards. 

Mac Rak American Manufacturing Process


Mac Rak produces our whole product offering in America. Our plant is located in Moberly, Missouri. There is no use of foreign steel, which can sometimes not be certified to grade. We also don’t outsource processes to other fabricators. This ensures the highest quality control possible.  We keep up unlimited oversight over the plan and assembling of the entirety of our items. All Mac Rak roll form punched post-repair units are made in house from prime 55,000 psi least yield steel.

Watch this video to find out why Made in the USA means, quality, speed, and secure supply.

Installation of Repairs and Guards


A pallet rack repair can typically be performed in 20 minutes when using Mac Rak’s engineered and tested, proprietary hydraulic lifting jack. Rack repair is a process that offers minimal off-loading and disassembly of the rack components as well as minimal disruption to operations. Mac Rak’s installers undergo a comprehensive training program comprised of documented operating procedures along with extensive field training. Rack repair projects may be scheduled for any shift, including weekends, and will be performed by fully insured trained professional installers.

Watch this video to see how installing Mac Rak repairs will save you time and money. 

Follow up Work


At the conclusion of each pallet repair project, Mac Rak will continue working with you to prepare a schedule for future damaged rack assessments, and working with you to make sure your warehouse is safe and efficient. Our warranties will also give you peace of mind that Mac Rak will stand by our work and parts for the lifetime of the part.

warehouse worker working on pallet rack steel uprights