ELITE Vertical Double Leg Repair

The ELITE Vertical Double Leg Pallet Rack Repair Kits are for the most demanding and harshest environment. It has the industry’s highest impact resistance in a vertical leg repair kit while maintaining the original rack design profile.

Fully bolted, this kit exceeds 50,000 lbs. of impact resistance up to 12” high. Designed to repair and reinforce a damaged front vertical frame post and damaged rear post. Proprietary beam reattachment hardware allows for easy beam adjustment for either roll form or structural beams using original end connectors. It does not require cutting off beam end plates which reduce beam capacity and can compromise seismic structural integrity.


This process offers a durable long-lasting finish and is available free of charge in any standard rack color.

View RAL code color choices below.


(Customization available, we punch 30 different punch styles)



CATEGORY: Repair and Protection
STEEL GAUGE: 3/16” Structural tubing on standard duty roll form rack, ¼” structural tubing on structural rack
STYLE: Bolt Style
NUMBER OF ANCHORS: Three, 3/4”x 7” standard wedge anchors
ANCHOR DIMS: 3/4” x 7” for high impact resistance and minimal twisting
FOOTPLATE DIMS: Front standard ⅜”x 4”x 12”, rear standard ⅜”x 4”x 5” or 6”
COLOR: All color options available*
PUNCH: Non-punched structural tubing, works with all punch styles
PROTECTOR TYPE: 12″ high, ¼” V-nose deflector or ⅜” impact plate are standard (custom deflector options and heights are always available)
SIZE OPTIONS: Available in all depths and heights over 2′-0″

* Available powder coat paint colors are common industry-standard colors. Exact match is not guaranteed.

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Mac Rak's Elite, Advantage and Bulldog upright repair kits include a lifetime impact warranty.

All Mac Rak products include a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing or workmanship defects.

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